Amazing transformation of mare found with deformed legs

  • A diminutive mare found emaciated with deformed legs is now the picture of good health and is looking for a new home.

    Annie came into World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm in Febuary 2007 when she was a signed-over welfare case.

    Her mother died when she was four days old and her owners were not experienced enough to give her the care she needed.

    “Annie was emaciated, covered in lice and appeared to be almost walking on her fetlocks due to deformed pasterns on her hind legs,” said a World Horse Welfare spokesman. “These were gradually corrected through remedial shoeing and rehabilitation.

    “It took a long time for Annie to get better and she had a lot of veterinary and farrier care to get her well enough to be able to be rehomed.

    “Annie has been out to a couple of different homes and was recently returned due to no fault of her own so is now looking for a new home as a non-ridden companion.”

    Could you give Annie a home?

    Annie, who is 8.1hh and 11 years old, is now up for rehoming.

    “She is an independent little character who gets along well with others in her herd and will make an excellent non-ridden companion,” added the World Horse Welfare spokesman.

    “Annie needs a competent handler to set and maintain the boundaries. She does have to watch her waistline because she will easily put on weight and so will be best suited to life with other small ponies who are also on restricted grazing.

    “Annie has never had laminitis, but will require restricted grazing in summer. She will need her feet monitored regularly by a farrier in order to maintain adequate conformation.”

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