African drought hits donkeys

  • An international animal charity is appealing for funds to help donkeys hit by the drought in Morocco and Tunisia

    A charity which helps animals abroad says donkeys in Moroccoand Tunisia are suffering severe dehydration after three years of drought and ignorance of their owners.

    The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad is appealing for funds to help bring medical aid to the animals and to help educate owners.

    The society says that many owners believe giving water to a donkey while working will give it colic.

    Brigitte Clark, director of fund-raising, said: “We’ve had education programmes running in those countries for around 10 years, but it takes time for the message to filter through.

    “So far, we’ve raised £160,000, which goes towards our mobile vet clinics in the area where animals can be helped and from which vets can inform owners how to treat their donkeys.”

    For more information and if you want to make a donation visit www.spana.org

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