Accidental death of ride-leader

  • A verdict of accidental death has been returned on a rider who died while riding in Windsor Great Park last October.

    Lisa Lucas, 28, was an IT project manager who had ridden since she was a child and owned her own horse.

    She worked part-time as a ride-leader for a stables in Maidenhead and was escorting agroup of four weekly “Royal Club” riders through the park when the accident happened.

    According to evidence heard at the inquest, Lisa was leading the ride on her own five-year-old horse, Ned, who she had owned for around three months.

    She was leading the group for a quiet canter along the Long Walk towards Windsor Castle when she lost control. The horse veered off the main ride at some speed, slipped or stumbled close to a tree and Lisa fell off into the tree.

    Unfortunately, although she was wearing an approved riding hat it did not save her as the impact of the fall was on her face.

    She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

    The coroner at East Berkshire recorded a verdict of accidental death.

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