Abbeyview Equine’s websites help equestrians take charge

  • A simple internet tool to allow equestrians to take control of the their own websites has been set up by Abbeyview Equine.

    The company aims to help equestrian businesses become more internet savvy and help build their business by running their own websites.

    “We can make websites for riders, companies or shops, which can then be maintained by them. With advice from us they can take control of their new website and update it all themselves without having to rely on other people,” said Liam Killen, managing director for Abbeyview Equine.

    Abbeyview aims to help users overcome web jargon and complicated technology, making it simple to use and helping them to run their business in the modern age.

    The company uses PagePlay, an easy to use content management system, to build the websites.

    “PagePlay users don’t have to learn anything new or download any expensive software. They simply log-on — using individual secure details — to their website and can update and add content straight onto the page,” added Liam.

    “Standard features include unlimited pages, text, videos, pictures, files, links and lists.”

    Chris Charlton, Abbeyview business director adds: “We’re from a web design background, so know all the hassles both as designers and customers. Our current product is the result requests from customers who want to be able to update regularly without having to learn coding or buy software.”

    Websites start at £150 and monthly fees range from £19 to £40. The fee includes support and instruction from Abbeyview.

    Moorview Equestrian Centre in Lancashire has recently had a website created by Abbeyview.

    “I’m thrilled with it. The feedback from my customers has been overwhelming. Abbeyview worked so quickly and PagePlay is easy to use. It’s great, I can update it when ever I like,” said a spokesman for Moorview.

    For more information visit: www.abbeyviewequine.com

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