Abandoned pony infested with maggots put to sleep

  • A young pony, who had deep wounds crawling with maggots, has been put down after being abandoned in Lincolnshire

    The piebald filly was found with an injury to her hind leg that was so severe and causing her so much pain, she had to be put down.

    The RSPCA was called to a country lane near Grantham on Thursday (30 April) by a member of the public.

    The pony, who was estimated by vets to be under two-years-old, was struggling to stand.

    “The location was extremely remote; there are no homes, farms or equestrian centres nearby, so it is clear this pony was deliberately left with no intention of return,” said Inspector Ian Callingham.

    “Her left hind leg was severely swollen to twice the size it should be, and three large deep holes that were bleeding. They were covered in maggots that were clearly visible. It was terrible to see this young pony clearly in a huge amount of pain.

    “The wounds had been sprayed with a purple antiseptic spray, which suggests the owner was aware of the injury, but clearly failed to seek appropriate veterinary advice. She had a good body condition and trimmed hooves, so it is likely the owner was overwhelmed by the injury and reluctant to seek further treatment, for whatever reason”

    Despite attempts to save the pony, the suffering was so severe vets decided to euthanise her.

    “It seems the poor pony was then dumped in a remote location where she would not be found, and left to die in severe pain,” added Inspector Callingham. “The injury was very large and clearly visible, so it’s likely she was been kept in a private location until now, as we’re sure members of the public would have reported her terrible wound immediately upon seeing it.”

    The pony was not microchipped and was found with no identification and so the charity is unable to trace the owners of the pony.

    Anyone with any information about her owner is urged to contact the RSPCA Inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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