Charity puts down over 100 emaciated and abandoned horses

  • More than 100 horses in the Vale of Glamorgan were put down last week because they were found in such a poor condition.

    Over 400 horses were assessed by officials from the RSPCA, Vale of Glamorgan council and Redwings Horse Sanctuary during a 6-day period (12-17 November)

    Martin Hubbard from the RSPCA said: “This was a difficult and tragic situation that developed very quickly, leaving many of the horses in a desperate condition.

    “It is thanks to the Vale of Glamorgan local authority and to the fast response and hard work of everyone involved that we managed to attend to the animals and get the majority moved to safety.”

    The RSPCA, Redwings, the Vale of Glamorgan local authority and HorseWorld have subsequently removed more than 300 surviving horses.

    Neither RSPCA nor Redwings would disclose the owner of the horses, saying the case is part on an “ongoing investigation”.

    It is not known if they belonged to Tom Pricewho is currently serving a prison sentence for welfare offences and breaching the terms of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) for continuing to fly graze his horses.

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