Hunts donate £32,000 to air ambulances

  • Air ambulance charities are to benefit from a £32,000 donation, raised by hunts around the country last season.

    Twenty-eight packs raised funds for their rescue services, which attend hundreds of riding accidents each year.

    James Stuart of the Four Burrow hunt, which raised £2,000 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance said: “We donate something to them most years as, unfortunately, they have come to the rescue fairly frequently.”

    And Major Reg Hanbury of the South Dorset hunt, said: “If there had been no Air Ambulance, I would not be alive. I had a ruptured aorta. The Dorset Air Ambulance got me to Southampton just in time. I was told my chances of my survival were 100 to one.”

    Clive Dickin of the Association of Air Ambulances said: “On behalf of the UK air ambulance community we would like to thank local hunts and their members for their many years of devoted support in fund-raising activities for UK air ambulances.

    “Across the country 35 air ambulances fly on average two missions each day, touching over 70 critically ill and injured patients, many from the equestrian, agricultural and rural community.

    “Without valuable support in fund-raising the air ambulances would not raise the £2,500 per day needed for each aircraft.”

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