3 ponies mauled to death by dogs

  • Three ponies were mauled to death by dogs in their field in the West Midlands last week (Saturday 21 February).

    Police were called to Parkfield Road, Dudley, just before 5pm after reports that two dogs had attacked the ponies while the were grazing.

    When officers arrived, one of the ponies had already died from its injuries.

    A vet was immediately called to put down the other two ponies who were seriously injured in the attack.

    West Midlands Police has confirmed to H&H that two dogs were seized by authorities later that night at an address in Parkfield Road.

    “The dogs are currently being held in kennels while their breed is determined and an investigation carried out,” a police spokesman added.

    Dog attacks

    H&H has been contacted by many readers in the past who have had their horses attacked by dogs.

    Under changes to the law, which came into place in May last year, dog owners can now be prosecuted if their dog causes injury to a rider on public and private land, including livery yards.

    It was already an offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act for any dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place.

    Riders and industry figures would still like further changes in the law to tackle the growing problem of dogs chasing or attacking horses.

    Currently prosecutions can only be brought if the dog harms the rider or puts them in fear of being injured.

    “We would still like to see attacks against other animals be criminalised,” said Lee Hackett from the BHS. “At present it is very difficult to take action if a dog attacks a horse. We do need more people to report incidents and even near misses. Without data we will never achieve changes in legislation.”

    In 2013 H&H reported that the number of dog attacks on horses had almost doubled in the past year, according to the British Horse Society.

    The organisation urges all horse owners who have suffered an attack to report it at: www.horseaccidents.org.uk

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