The 12 ponies of Christmas: could you give Bailey a home?

  • On the 11th day of Christmas Horse & Hound and World Horse Welfare gave to me…. Bailey.

    The 11th equine in H&H and World Horse Welfare’s 12 ponies of Christmas is an intelligent 12.1hh mare, who is now looking for a home following a change in her former rehomer’s circumstances.

    The pretty pony was signed over the charity in August 2013 after her owner was prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act and banned from keeping equines.

    “Bailey is bright as a button, inquisitive and very quick to learn,” said a spokesman for the charity.

    “Her unusual spotty colouring ensures she always stands out from the crowd and whilst she does need firm boundaries setting, she will be your best friend for life.”

    Bailey is currently at the charity’s Hall Farm rescue and rehoming centre in Norfolk.

    Intelligent and a quick learner she needs a firm handler with a regular and consistent routine to maintain her manners.

    “Bailey will get on well with others in her herd and although she can be bossy, she is not a nasty pony,” said a spokesman for the charity.

    Currently World Horse Welfare has over 1,800 horses and ponies out in good homes around the country.

    Rehomers are given full support and advice from the team at World Horse Welfare and each pony comes with a detailed health record and honest description of all behavioural traits.

    All the charity’s centres are operating at full capacity, so rehoming is vitally important.

    Giving a home to a rescue pony gives him or her a second chance at fulfilling his potential and helps develop new skills and confidence.

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    For more information on Bailey, or any of the other World Horse Welfare horses and ponies who are looking for new homes, visit the charity’s website.

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