At least 12 horses hit and killed by trains

  • A total of 12 horses are now thought to have been killed after colliding with two trains in Cambridgeshire on Wednesday evening (19 November).

    The British Transport Police (BTP), Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, and the ambulance service were called after the horses were struck by the trains at Fen Road level crossing in Milton (not pictured) earlier this week.

    The BTP originally estimated that seven horses had been killed, but they now think that it is more than 12.

    They are still appealing for information to try and trace the owner as no one has come forward.

    “We are very keen to find out who the horses belong to,” sergeant David Barker reiterated.

    “At the moment it is not clear how many horses died in the incident, however, we now believe that at least 12 were killed.

    “We just can’t ascertain how the horses got onto the line, there doesn’t seem to have been any obvious access point, but we’re keeping an open mind.

    “If anyone has any information, which they think that could help us in our investigations please get in touch.”

    One local resident also told H&H that she was concerned the body parts of some of the horses are still on the tracks.

    “It’s not very nice for any commuters or their children to look out the window,” she said.

    She has also reported that two of the horses were decapitated in the incident and that one of the escaped group was a foal.

    Several passengers reported hearing a “loud bang” in the collision but no one was seriously injured.

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