Study aims to shed light on forage production

  • How good is the hay we are currently producing in the UK? This is the question that researchers at Myerscough College are hoping to answer.

    The first stage of the study is to gauge the attitudes and opinions of owners towards the provision of forage in their horse’s diet, with particular focus on how it is sourced and selected, and feeding strategies.

    The project, being undertaken in conjunction with Waltham, aims to be the biggest of its kind, gathering a large amount of information from across the whole of the UK to gain a better understanding of the current situation that horse owners face when it comes to forage provision and purchase.

    Everyone taking part in the study will have the chance to win a full nutritional analysis of their forage.

    To take part, visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NationalPreservedForageSurvey

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