Shire Horse Society to move its headquarters

  • The Shire Horse Society, which has been based at the East of England Showground for 50 years, will be moving its headquarters this summer.

    The Society hopes that its new base at Shire Farm, which is part of the Rockingham Castle estate in Market Harborough,Leics, will be more welcoming to members.

    The Society has been working since 1878 to promote and protect the Shire horse, previously called the Old English breed of Cart Horse. The recent Annual Spring Show proved more popular than ever, attracting 400 Shires delete-horses and thousands of spectators.  However, the Society aims to expand further as a result of the move.

    David Ralley-Davies, secretary of the Shire Horse Society, said: “The core objectives of the Society will remain the same but we will be able to widen the work undertaken to achieve these and educate and inspire the next generation of Shire horse breeders.”

    Increased public awareness of the Shire breed will be made possible by the Society running their own administration and operating in purpose built premises. “The new facilities will allow a greater opportunity for membership participation and interaction with Society events and will help us raise awareness not just nationally but internationally,” added David.

    The Rockingham Castle estate hosts a number of high profile events, including Brigstock International Horse Trials and the Rockingham Castle Game and Country Fair. The Shire Horse Society hopes to be involved in such events in the future.

    For more information visit www.shire-horse.org.uk

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