New equine claims management service launched

  • What’s thought to be the UK’s first equine claims management service is being launched to help alleviate the stress of paperwork for owners dealing with insurance claims.

    Lucy Quy and Rachel Baldwin were inspired to set up the StableHands service having dealt with difficult and emotional insurance claims themselves.

    “As more and more procedures become available to treat sick animals, the paperwork and communication trail of claiming becomes more complex and detailed,” said Lucy.

    “Our services eliminate this part of the process for the owner.

    “I am dealing with the death of my own horse, who I have had for 23 years

    “I am absolutely confident that this service will provide welcome relief to owners especially when dealing with the finality of a situation like this — it is heartbreaking.”

    StableHands are also offering horse directory Smartphone App, which will allow people to source businesses and services according to their location.

    A subscription to StableHands including access to all areas on the website and the App plus the full claim assist service costs £49 per year for the first horse and then £24 per additional horse thereafter.

    The service wil be launched on 12 September. For more information visit www.stable-hands.co.uk.

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