Grazing muzzle with detachable fly mask designed for horses

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  • A university student has developed a grazing muzzle for horses, featuring a detachable fly mask, designed to worn for long periods of time without causing sores.

    Oliver Ward, 22, is an undergraduate at Nottingham Trent University.

    He has designed the muzzle in collaboration with Good Life Muzzle — a new Derbyshire-based company — which intends to patent the design and launch it in spring 2014.

    “The Good Life brief was to make something unique,” said Oliver.

    “I did thermal imaging of horses and looked at their skeletons and nerves to find points where it would be possible to mount a muzzle without causing irritation.

    “I found that by mounting it on the ridge of the nose you are not hitting any nerves.”

    The muzzle will cost under £50 and the prototype will be displayed at Nottingham Trent University’s Art and Design Degree Show (31 May-8 June).

    Visit www.goodlifemuzzle.co.uk

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