Designer and horse owner creates printed saddle for degree project

  • A textile designer and horse owner who specialises in screen printing has deigned a printed saddle as part of her degree.

    Ellie Walton recently graduated from Nottingham Trent university with a first class degree.

    She is also a keen rider, which was the inspiration for her final year project. Alongside bespoke wallpaper and printed throws, she has created a printed saddle.

    “I really wanted to capture the strength and great power of the horse as well as their elegance and grace through a mixture of repeat and placement patterns,” said Ellie.

    “The journey through my collection starts nostalgic and subtle, reflecting my childhood with horses. It then progresses into more dynamic and dramatic motifs as horses merge into urban life and the structure of buildings interact with the horses, reflecting their strength.”

    The saddle was created by digitally printing a design onto leather. That leather was then placed into the seat of one of Ellie’s old saddles.

    Ellie collaborated with Bliss London Saddles to make the idea a reality. And she told H&H she will soon be ready to take commissions. Watch this space…

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