Apprentices win awards at BETA International

  • Talented saddlery apprentices showed off their skills at this year’s equestrian trade fair, BETA International, in Birmingham.

    The apprentices competed for awards in the Society of Master Saddler’s events over the three days. They had to make various pieces including a pair of laced reins, a lined and raised browband and a waist belt.

    Anna Bamford from Cirencester Saddlery won Sunday’s (17 February) competitions for her reins. Willem Buntix took Monday’s (18 February) for the browband, and Kirsty Thomson came out on top on Tuesday (19 February) for her waist belt.

    The competitions are always a major feature of BETA International drawing lots of interest for visitors to see bridlework being made in the Saddlery Pavilion.

    Hazel Morley, of the Society of Master Saddlers, said: “The competitions at BETA International are a great way to introduce visitors to the skills being taught to our younger generation of craftsmen and women and asever proved popular with visitors over the three days.”

    For more information about the Society of Master Saddlers visit www.mastersaddlers.co.uk.

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