Urban foxhunt held by university students

  • Urban foxes have been making headlines lately, but an urban foxhunt is not so common.

    The Great Exeter University Urban Hunt took place last month with a group of hunting enthusiasts aiming to introduce their fellow students to the sport.

    “The idea came about while trying to educate our non-hunting friends,” said Tobias Lawes, “MFH” of the group.

    “We nominated one of our friends to be the fox and hosted the meet at one side of campus.”

    Anyone with a bike was urged to join in and, after a small speech on hunting etiquette, they gave chase to the “fox”.

    “With much holloaing, tally hoing, and some questionable tunes from my hunting horn, we followed him round campus and caught him just outside our favourite pub,” added Tobias.

    The group aims to start an Urban Country Sports Society, with any donations going to the Countryside Alliance.

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (21 February 2013)

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