Testimonial meet for long-serving stud groom

  • There will be a testimonial meet for Kate Robertson, who has been stud groom at the Kimblewick for 24 seasons, tomorrow (Tuesday 19 March).

    ”Producing hunters is no easy task, “ said Kimblewick joint-master Guy Portwin.

    “To turn them out immaculately and with such pride, three or four times per week, more in the autumn and often with second horses, sometimes for meets over 50 miles away, takes sincere dedication especially for such a huge and varied hunt country.

    “She will be greatly missed.”

    There will be a cap of £50 (excluding hunt staff) for mounted followers, which will be added to Kate’s testimonial fund.

    Please contact hunt secretary Lucy Holmes in advance on tel: 07721 333358 or by email: northern.secretary@kimblewickhunt.co.uk

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (14 March 2013)

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