Now dogs can support hunting with ‘Master of Hounds’ coats

Dogs of all sizes can now show their support for hunting by sporting a fetching “Master of Hounds” jacket — specially designed for “huntsmen” of the canine variety.

Hunt supporter and businesswoman Joanne Way, who runs online pet products retailer Dogs & Co from North Wales, has been working on the “Sunday-best red hunting coat” for dogs for several months.

And she has the perfect model — fox terrier-cross George.

“We got George from a rescue centre about two years ago in a terrible state. But he’s a wonderful pet and he loves modelling our coats and collars which [are] great to photograph for our business,” said Ms Way.

“The coat was done as a fun item, but it can also be a statement piece for customers who want to signal their opposition to the foxhunting ban.

“We’re launching at the CLA Game Fair [Ragley Hall, Warks, 23-25 July] as we thought it would make a good impact then. Everyone who has seen it so far thinks it is marvellous!”

The red wool and acrylic mix jacket, with four gilt buttons and a black corduroy collar, comes in all sizes from a 10in Yorkie to a 22in Labrador and costs £21.50.

• Visit: www.dogsandco.com

This article was first published in Horse & Hound (15 July, ’10)

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