New hunting website launched

  • The Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), the governing body for foxhunting in the UK, has today launched its new website on www.mfha.co.uk

    The website will include links to the homepages of hunts which will be establishing their own sites over the next eight months.

    The homepages will contain general information such as details of the hunt’s boundaries, hunting rules, a brief history of the particular hunt, as well as contact details for the public to have greater access to hunt’s and their organisers.

    Alastair Jackson, director of the MFHA, said: “The launch of this site is part of our planned process of making hunting, and information relating to it, open and accountable to all. It follows comments made in the recent government inquiry into hunting with dogs. The internet has now become extremely important source of information.

    “Visitors to the MFHA site will be able to use the interactive map to locate and contact their nearest hunt.” Visit the site at www.mfha.co.uk

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