Hare hunting info online

  • Find out all you need to know about hare hunting via the AMHB’s new website

    The Association of Masters of Harrier and Beagles (AMHB) has launched a new website packed with useful information on hunting hares on foot and on horseback.

    The site aims to inform, educate and promote the sport, with a strong emphasis on encouraging visitors to experience hare hunting first hand with a local pack.

    “The website will provide a convenient way to find out about your local pack of beagles or harriers,” says Jim Eberle, AMHB chairman. “The site also highlights the important contribution of registered hare hound packs to the conservation of the hare.”

    Finding information about your local hare hunting pack could not be easier. Simply visit www.amhb.org.uk and click on the relevant area of the interactive map of Britain for a list of Harrier or Beagle packs in your county.

    “Our online directory of packs registered with the AMHB will provide users with a list of packs which hunt within their county’s boundaries,” continues Jim. “Further information, such as who to contact to enjoy a day with the hunt or a trip to kennels, is available by clicking on the relevant pack.”

    The site also includes:

    • The history of hare hunting
    • Information on the brown hare
    • Guide to hare hunting
    • A frequently askedquestions section
    • The reasons why hunting should continue
    • The AMHB’s code of practice and rules
    • Contact details for the AMHB

    Visit www.amhb.org.uk

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