Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt back in action

  • The Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt (CSSH), established on April Fool’s Day 2005 – and about to undergo a revival.

    Joint-master Ed Seyfried was moved to act when a policeman “felt my dog’s collar” for chasing squirrels in Hyde Park.

    CSSH’s inaugural drag – with Dylan the terrier chasing a sock on a piece of string – was held in Connaught Square gardens, in front of Tony Blair’s mansion.

    But since the architect of the Hunting Act left office and the credit crunch began to bite, the hunt has, says Mr Seyfried, “been in abeyance”.

    Now the time has come to rekindle its activities. Dylan – aged 16 – has sired a daughter, Martha, and the new entry is ready to hunt.

    “It might be hysterical,” says Mr Seyfried. “Unlike Dylan, Martha may not fall for the sock – and get on to a real squirrel.

    The last time that happened, 67 of us turned ourselves in to the police. They threatened to arrest us for wasting police time.”

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (1 December 2011)

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