Blackmore and Sparkford Vale followers launch hunting holidays business

  • Two young followers of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale have left their jobs in London to start a business offering bespoke hunting holidays in the West Country to Americans.

    Ben Darlington, 25 and Megan Corp, 23 founded “Blackthorn & Brook” earlier this year, and this will be their first season putting the concept into practice.

    “We were both working in London and became despondent with the Jekyll and Hyde life of zooming back to the country to hunt at the weekends,” Ben told H&H.

    “Over the last 20 years my grandfather and latterly myself and Megan have sold hunters to a MFH in Virginia.

    “The appetite in the USA for all things related to English hunting prompted us to think that there was an opportunity to build on our contacts on both sides of the pond and our experience in the hunting field.”

    The company aims to tailor-make holidays for guests, finding “the right horse, on the right day, in the right country”. It sources accommodation as well as organising other activities including trips to the ballet or races, to offer customers the “British experience”.

    For more information visit www.blackthornandbrook.com

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