Were you out with the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale or West Norfolk? [PICTURES]

  • Now that the hunting season is in full swing, Horse & Hound’s hunting correspondents and photographers are out in force visiting packs around the country.

    Were you out with either the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale or the West Norfolk for their opening meets on Saturday, 1 November?

    Were you identified as one of the young thrusters? Or maybe you are a hunt stalwart that gets a mention.

    If so, why not take a look at some of the hunting pictures below taken by our photographers and see if you can spot yourself or somebody you know.

    Blackmore and Sparkford Vale
    The Blackmore & Sparkford Vale country is particularly sporting and requires riders to kick on to jump their large hedges and ditches across the mainly grassland country.

    With strong family ties it’s a true farmers’ pack. All six joint masters either farm as a livelihood or come from a farming background.

    (Pictures by Sarah Farnsworth)

    Blackmore Vale Hunt 01 11 2014

    Emily Matthews is on flying form

    Blackmore and Sparkford Vale

    On the move: Helen Walter

    Blackmore and Sparkford Vale

    Jonathan and Sarah Sprake with Charlie Sprake

    Blackmore and Sparkford Vale

    Taking it easy

    Blackmore and Sparkford Vale

    Joint-master Anthony Mayo leaps into action

    West Norfolk

    In contrast to the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale, the West Norfolk country has a lot of arable country. But with large ditches to cross, as well as hunt fences, it can be equally challenging. Considered to be one of the oldest established packs of hounds in the country, it still exists in largely unspoilt Norfolk countryside, without many of the pressures of modern Britain such as railways and motorways.

    (Photos by Trevor Meeks)

    West Norfolk

    Remie Powell in action

    West Norfolk

    James and Lucy McEwan

    West Norfolk

    Laura Oughten-Auker pops a fence in style

    West Norfolk

    Daisy Vaugh-Jones and Flora Gregory

    West Norfolk

    Laura Eyles in action

    Don’t miss our full reports from both hunts in the 13 November issue of Horse & Hound magazine

    To see the full range of pictures taken by our photographers, visit www.horseandhound.co.uk/galleries

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