Anti-hunt protestors arrested in Surrey

  • Surrey police arrested anti-hunt protesters at the weekend after they allegedly intimidated and threatened hunt supporters.

    Thirteen men and women were arrested on Sunday 18 March for public order offences in the vicinity of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Fox Hounds kennels at Felbridge, Surrey.

    The activists had hurled abuse at and issued threats to hunt members in their homes.

    Chief Inspector Dave Horvath of Surrey Police said it was worrying that attacks were being made to hunt members’ homes:

    “While we recognise the right for peaceful process, we will not tolerate people being intimidated in their own home. It represents an infringement of basic human rights.”

    Animal rights supporters had scheduled a national day of action for 18 March, the day the Liberty and Livelihood March would have taken place.

    Police had expected up to 300 anti-hunt protestors to take part in the demonstrations at Felbridge, but only 50 hard line extremists turned up.

    Chief Inspector Horvath said the saboteur’s behaviour – in light of the foot-and-mouth epidemic – indicated “a disregard foranimal welfare”.

    Hunting has been cancelled since the FMD outbreak was announced last month.

    The Old Surrey, an amalgomation of three hunts across Kent, Sussex and Surrey, has been the victim of ongoing militant anti-hunt protests for more than 15 years.

    Police from all three counties are working in collaboration to protect members of the hunt.

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