How to master sitting trot

  • Have you been inspired by top riders and suddenly feel the need to fully embrace the dreaded sitting trot?

    Everyone knows that sitting trot is tough — how on earth are you supposed to look elegant and effortless yet remain a positive influence on your horse? Most importantly, how do you avoid bouncing all over the place?

    The primary problem riders encounter when tackling the sitting trot is a lack of flexibility and movement in the hips.

    Here are some top tips to help you on your way:


    Make sure they’re not too long else it will make your life very difficult! Your stirrups should be no longer then just below your ankle bone. You can also practice sitting trot without stirrups. This will help to give you a feel of sitting trot and it is usually easier to practice without stirrups first.

    Let go of your pelvis

    It’s important to try and let your pelvis move with the motion of the horse as freely as possible. This requires loose hip joints which can be improved upon with the help of pilates.

    Core strength

    Sit-ups will help! Having good core strength will help you to go with your horse, find your centre of balance and remain secure in your position without becoming stiff.

    Build up slowly

    Don’t go straight for big paces. Try to start small so that you give both yourself and your horse a chance.


    Remember to relax your thighs. Riders tend to grip and squeeze with their thighs thinking it’s going to help them to stay in the saddle when in all reality it actually pushes them up and out of it. Also relax your lower back to help absorb the motion.


    Unfortunately there is no quick fix, and practice will eventually make perfect.

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