Puncture wounds

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    This article has been edited and approved by Karen Coumbe MRCVS, H&H’s veterinary advisor since 1991.
  • A puncture wound is an injury where the external damage is small, but the wound itself can be deep, sometimes causing damage to important internal structures.

    As there is little damage to be seen on the surface, these types of injury can be easily missed. However, if dirt or bacteria has found its way into the wound, this can become a major problem as infection rapidly develops and spreads.

    Puncture wounds in horses are particularly worrisome for horse owners as what appears to be a minor issue can turn out to have far more serious consequences and it can be hard to differentiate what is serious and what is not. If in doubt, it is best to seek prompt veterinary attention.

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    Signs of a puncture wound

    Often the first sign that your horse has suffered a puncture wound is a swollen area. This is particularly true of horses’ legs, where the whole leg may swell as the area becomes both inflamed and infected.