Q&A: Electric fencing

  • Q. I am considering buying the portable type of electric fencing which works off a power pack and battery. I have restricted grazing so I really need to be able to use different parts of the field in rotation.

    Do you think this sort of fencing is a suitable option and is it likely to cause any problems?

    A. The portable type of electric fencing is relatively inexpensive to buy and is incredibly useful for strip grazing or keeping horses away from certain areas that could be a hazard, such as oak trees in the autumn.

    It is light, very easy to move and erect and is cheap to run. Electric fencing can also be run along the top of post and rail fencing to prevent horses from fighting over the fence, or to stop them chewing the wood. It also discourages horses from leaning on the fencing.

    When horses are grazing in a field with electric fencing, they soon learn that unless they actually touch the fence there is no cause for concern and they should graze quite happily within inches of it.

    Although the horse shows the fence respect, there is very rarely any sign of fear. Horses are also incredibly quick to realise when the fencing is not working, should the battery lose its charge, so it¨s important you make regular checks to ensure it is in good working order.

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