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Having decided against a career as a physiotherapist, Katy Marriott-Payne discovered she had the winning touch with mountain and moorland ponies.

Katy’s tip: How to clip a native pony

“IT’S very difficult to show natives in December and breed societies that frown on clipping should understand the welfare benefits,” maintains Katy.

“It has to be so much better than standing them under lights, with endless rugs on and dripping with sweat when they’re worked.

“By clipping, you can maintain their normal routine, including turning them out.

“I hate to see bald bodies and fluffy legs, though, so I ‘grade’ the clip down to their knees and hocks,” she adds.

“The exact timing of the clip is crucial and will depend on the pony, but generally it’s about four to six weeks before Olympia to get the right amount of regrowth.”

To read the full interview with Katy Marriott-Payne see the current issue of H&H 29 December 2011

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