How often should you poo pick a horse’s field?

  • Q: How often should you poo pick a horse’s field? I have two horses on a two-and-a-half acre paddock all day, but they are brought in at night. Should I remove droppings daily, or is it only necessary every three or four days?

    Gavin Strathern, a freelance agricultural contractor and specialist in pasture management replies: Although the amount of grazing you have is adequate for two horses, it is not excessive. You need to maintain the quality of the pasture and keep the grass palatable.

    Horses tend to do their droppings in certain places and, as a result, the grass in these areas is often left ungrazed and becomes tough and unappetising.

    There is no absolute rule about how often you should remove droppings from pasture, and the daily removal of droppings is not always practical or possible.

    I suggest you set a regular routine to remove some droppings from the paddock, when you know you are likely to have some free time. Just make sure that once a week, the paddock is cleared completely.

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