10 top tips to boost your planning chances

  • Plans — good surveys and scale drawings
  • Design and access statement — an outline of the business, plus the size, construction and how the development will be accessed
  • Designation — is the build in greenbelt land, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a national park?
  • Listed buildings — If your property is Listed building consent may be required in addition to planning permission
  • Pasture management — you may also need to submit plans covering this
  • Residential amenity — you have to address the impact on neighbours
  • Structural issues — are the buildings structurally sound?
  • Access — you may need a report on the impact on traffic
  • Biodiversity — will the build affect protected species?
  • Muck — this cannot be allowed to pollute water sources

    For the full feature on understanding planning rules, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (18 August, 2011)

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