Breeding FAQ: caring for the pregnant broodmare

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    Q: What vaccinations do I need to give my mare during pregnancy?

    You should ensure that your mare is vaccinated against EHV at 5th, 7th, and 9th months of pregnancy to avoid EHV-related abortion, plus all the normal vaccinations. Please speak to your vet who will be able to help you ensure your pregnant mare is properly vaccinated.

    How long can I ride my mare for while she is pregnant?

    Ideally she should not be ridden after 200-230 days of gestation.

    Can my pregnant mare go out with other horses?

    With other mares, yes, as long as they get on fairly well. Geldings may present a danger. Some geldings are still able to achieve an erection, and will mount (and penetrate) a mare, given the opportunity. If this were to happen with a pregnant mare, and the penis penetrated the cervix, it would almost certainly cause an abortion.

    What special feed requirements do pregnant mares have?

    You should ensure that your mare receives adequate food through the winter, ideally complemented with a quality stud balancer. Through the last 3-4 months of pregnancy, she should be on an increasing plain of nutrition to enable her to cope with the increased demands on the unborn foal, without allowing her to become overweight.

    What wormers can I use on my pregnant mare?

    Certain wormers should not be used on pregnant mares. For example, Equest Pramox should not be used on a pregnant mare, and Eqvalan Duo should only be used after the first 3 months of pregnancy. Check with your vet or retailer.

    When will my mare start to look pregnant?

    This will vary from mare to mare. A mare with normal body condition will probably begin to look obviously pregnant in her third trimester of pregnancy, around 7-8 months into her pregnancy at the earliest, but it can be easily confused with a mare simply putting on weight. You may be able to see weight gain or change of shape before this point, but it is not a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

    If you are unsure about whether or not your mare is pregnant, please consult your vet for an ultrasound scan and/or blood test.

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