Q&A: Buying feed in bulk

  • Q: I buy horse feed in bulk from my local feed merchant and often it doesn’t look very fresh by the time I get down to the last bags. How can I prolong its shelf life?

    Christine Smy replies: Most concentrates will have a shelf life of between four to six months and many will still have relatively good levels of minerals and vitamins after this date.

    However, problems may arise during the hot months or very wet periods, when, if not stored correctly, feed can go off. Grain mites are often a problem during the summer and feed can go damp and mouldy in the winter.

    Make sure you store your feed in a cool, dark, dry container which is rodent-proof and store unopened bags on pallets rather than on the floor.

    When you prepare meals for your horse, ensure there is good lighting, as mouldy feed cannotbe easily seen in dim light, and the last thing you want to do is give your horse colic by giving him poor-quality food.

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