Are you a perfectionist or someone to be avoided at all costs? Find out what your muckheap says about you

  • We are all secretly a little bit superstitious, but forget crystal balls, black cats, horoscopes and palm reading; perhaps something as simple a yard’s muckheap can say a lot about the equestrians behind it.

    So here we find out what your muckheap says about you and your friends in this tongue-in-cheek analysis.

    A well-structured and compact muckheap

    A solid, thoughtful person. This person is considerate, helpful and likes to think ahead. They are likely to make a good friend.

    A lot of muck

    A loyal and loving person. This caring, friendly individual surrounds themselves with others and aims to please.

    Everything spread out on the ground

    Be warned – this person is potentially rather lazy. It is possible that they do little to help around the yard and can be somewhat forgetful. Maybe you should give them some muckheap building tips?

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    A mix of shavings and straw

    Be suspicious of this person. You should approach them with caution as it’s hard to tell where their loyalties lie.

    A collapsed muckheap

    This person is unmotivated. They are probably suffering from a case of January blues. Perhaps they are in need of a helping hand?

    A staggered muckheap

    The perfectionist. This equestrian is kind hearted but also hard working and will not take any nonsense. Be sure to adhere to the rules when throwing your muck up, or you may be in trouble.

    Not much muck

    This person may be mistaken as frugal, but perhaps a more accurate description is well organised. One should be sure to find out if they have recently had it collected, or if they’re an avid gardener before jumping to conclusions.

    An unusually shaped muckheap

    This individual is fun loving and carefree. They are always up for a good time and are the life and soul of the yard.

    An exuberant pile

    The extrovert. This person is loud and outgoing. They love telling you what they have been up to with their horses, however they are potentially “all talk” so watch out for this.

    A tall muckheap

    The ambitious equestrian. This person is not afraid of new heights and is always willing to try something new. One to watch for the future.

    No muckheap

    Not marriage material.

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