9 tack room topics of conversation (standby for heated debate…)

  • The tackroom — the focal point of every livery yard. From the helpful to the downright weird conversations, you’ll hear them all there...

    1. The Great British rug debate — because we can never decide ourselves

    “Have you seen the weather forecast for tomorrow? What rug are you going to put on? Middleweight or heavyweight? Hood or no hood?”

    Possibly one of the hardest daily decisions us horse owners face. The fear of our horse freezing in the rain and toasting in the sun — we always feel better checking with our fellow liveries.

    2. Turmeric

    No matter what the ailment, there’s always one that has the solution… “Have you tried feeding Turmeric?”

    3. Sheath cleaning

    “What do you use to clean yours?” Only in a tackroom is this conversation not met with raised eyebrows…

    4. Show-boasting

    You’re just home from a competition and immediately you’re cornered and asked how you got on…

    “Brilliant thanks! Double clear in a huge class! He didn’t put a foot wrong!” (You just don’t tell them your beloved horse broke loose in the lorry-park and very nearly ditched you in the warm-up ring.)

    5. Injuries (suddenly everyone is a vet)

    It’s natural to ask your fellow liveries for their opinion on a strange lump that your horse has developed on his hind leg… just be prepared for some mixed responses.

    You have the pessimist: “That looks awful — phone the vet. Immediately.” You’ll have the optimist: “It’s nothing, turn him out.” And everything else in between (box rest/cold hose/exercise/bandage).

    Note: if you’re really concerned phone the vet and give yourself some peace of mind.

    6. ‘Did you see…’

    Insert programme/film/advert here. If it had a horse in it — you know it’s going to be the talk of the tackroom.

    7. ‘My horse…’

    “… has injured himself in the field/was naughty in his lesson/wrecked his new rug.”

    They say a problem shared is a problem halved. The tackroom is where we can vent about our latest horse woes with a good cup of tea and a sympathetic ear.

    8. Dressage divas vs showjumpers

    Warning: a sensitive topic. If you get caught in the middle make a run for it… The debate will still be taking place when you get back from your hour long hack.

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    9. ‘Have you seen my…’

    “…glove/whip/dandy brush?”

    These items grow arms legs and run away through the night. Someone has bound to have seen them somewhere…

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