Take a sneak peak behind the scenes at Ros Canter’s yard

  • H&H visited the stables of world champion Ros Canter in Lincolnshire, and found horses enjoying life in the field, and an impressive range of training facilities – plus four exciting horses waiting in the wings.

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    1. Ros Canter rides her world champion partner Allstar B alongside groom Georgie Frow on No Excuse in the water splash on the family farm in Lincolnshire. Ros’ string lead a variety-packed routine, including heading to the cross-country field alongside their fitness work.

    2. Four to watch: Ros with her upcoming stars – Pencos Crown Jewel, Izilot DHI, Lordships Graffalo and Rehy Royal Diamond. “I have options with my young horses; I feel like I’m really building my string,” says Ros.

    3. The champ: Allstar B, owned by Caroline Moore and Ros. Fifteen-year-old “Alby” lives out all summer, and is only stabled in the six weeks leading up to a CCI5*.

    4. Ros and her other five-star campaigner, Zenshera, in the huge all-weather arena, which is situated just next to the stables. There is plenty of space for jumping and dressage practice, as well as some cross-country schooling fences.

    5. Well travelled: plaques from the various top events at which Ros has competed during her career are nailed beside the stables.

    6. A field on the farm is used for cross-country schooling, fitness and hillwork. Ros likes to mix things up, and canter up and downhill to help the horses’ balance.

    7. During summertime, the horses all live out 24/7 in nutrition-checked paddocks, unless their weight needs to be controlled. The mares and geldings are kept separately, and horses allocated fields according to their temperament, whether they suit being with other horses or alone.

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    8. Ros pings a fence on her evergreen Zenshera, who at 16 is aiming for Pau CCI5* in the autumn.

    9. Groom Sonja Brown at work in the covered stables at the 26-box yard. There are a mix of brick, wooden and barn-style stables.

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    10. Ros heads out for a hack on Allstar B. Local hacking is great for fitness in this area of Lincolnshire, as there is a steep hill straight out of the yard.

    11. Ros’ one-year-old daughter Ziggy, who was walking before she was 10 months. Occasionally Ziggy accompanies Ros on quieter afternoons at the yard.

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