Dressage with a difference: cats, camels, cows and more [VIDEO]

  • Aside from having four legs, a tail and a furry coat, there’s not a huge amount in common between dogs, cats, camels, cows and horses. Until now. We’ve found an eclectic collection of animals who are interested in giving Valegro a run for his money — flying changes, extended trot and half-pass included. Warning: you may feel like you’re having a bad dream…

    Unlikely animals doing dressage

    1. A long-haired cat gives trot his best shot
    All this cat is missing is a crowd and a judge to reward him with the top marks for his exuberant trot. Next stop Stoneleigh for the nationals?

    2. A camel gets up to speed with an Arab
    If you’ve ever ridden a camel, you’ll know that the most exciting (and bearable) part is getting on and off — once you’re on board and settled between the humps you’re in for a fairly uncomfortable and numbingly boring ride. But this camel looks set to shun such a reputation. He takes to the arena with an Arab horse and shows the crowds that he’s up to flying changes — and even takes a final bow. Quite the showman!

    3. A bull takes a starring role in a Schweppes advert
    Spectators get more than they bargained for when this bull — clearly over the rodeo scene — makes a spectacular entrance into the dressage arena. Who says dressage is predictable?

    4. Freestyle dressage from a dog
    We all know that dogs are accustomed to tackling fences and navigating bending poles. But freestyle dressage is a whole new ball game. And we’re glad to see that the handler is dressed appropriately — top hat and tails included.

    Not confused enough? How about a showjumping cow to finish up with. Meet Luna the leaping cow

    Have you got a pet with a penchant for dressage? Let us know below…

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