7 ways you can spot a horsey person in day-to-day life

  • While you’re out and about, see if you can spot your fellow equestrians experiencing life outside of their native habitat…

    1. They will be wearing boots and breeches or knee high socks pulled over leggings

    Outfits are probably a horsey person’s biggest giveaway, and we have no qualms about doing the horses then heading to the supermarket. The clothing choices for competitive equestrian sport are clearly distinguishable, though you can pretty much get away with any attire while going about your daily yard jobs. Some horse people might opt for the tidier look of breeches, boots and nicely fitted gilet, while others will be donning oversized tracksuit bottoms with odd socks pulled over the top, complemented by a grotty coat they’re trying to make last a little longer.

    2. Their basket contains random, miscellaneous items

    Anything from baby oil to talcum powder, from packets of polos to bags and bags of carrots plucked from the reduced-to-clear section. A very random selection of products, but all with a common denominator. They might leave the general consumer scratching his head, but you know your horse will be one very happy customer.

    3. They will be walking/running around at high speed

    Move along please, we’ve got stuff to do. No lazy Sunday morning shopping trips followed by a leisurely coffee stop for the equestrians of the world. We’ve been meaning ‘to pop into town’ for the past month so when we finally do have a spare hour it’s a mad rush with lots of dashing around followed by a take-away brew if we happen to pass Costa and there’s no queue.

    4. They will always stop to pet an animal

    If we see a dog tied up outside a shop, a friendly looking cat sat on a wall or even a cute looking Robin by our feet it’s in our DNA to instantly stop and say hello.

    5. Will never ask for assistance in a shop

    Nothing, we repeat nothing, is ever to heavy for a horsey person to carry. Please don’t come and ask us if you can help as it’ll be a (polite) no. We’re super-strong individuals, both mentally and physically. We lug feed bags, hay bales and overly full wheelbarrows around. We just roll up our sleeves and get it done.

    6. They will be out in all weathers

    Even if it’s blowing a gale, sleet is cascading from the sky and weather warnings have been issued, if a horse person needs to do some life admin, they’ll get it done no matter what the weather. The phrase ‘I’ll go tomorrow instead’ does not resonate with us; horses need tending to no matter what the conditions!

    7. They can always park their cars

    Horse riders are used to driving and parking horseboxes and trailers, so slotting their motor into that small space is a doddle. Prepare to be impressed.

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