‘All I want for (a horsey) Christmas…’

  • The H&H team reveal what horsey presents they are hankering after this Christmas — from a new jumping saddle to a riding safari in Africa. To avoid disappointment, let’s hope the hints were heavily dropped before today…

    H&H’s Content Director Sarah Jenkins: “At risk of sounding incredibly dull, I’d really like a hay soaker that is big enough to fit three substantial sections of hay, can be drained easily and then wheeled into the stable and the hay tipped out or extracted somehow without me having to heave it out. Such a tediously practical present, but it would make my life easier and my back much happier. I’d also love some thin, waterproof gloves, like the ones SealSkinz do, for multi-tasking between riding and chores throughout the winter. And a smart pair of Dubarry-esque boots — practically uniform for going to events in a working capacity next year. I could go on, but I don’t want Santa to think me greedy…”

    H&H’s website editor Carol Phillips: “I’d love a new jumping saddle, but as that’s rather unrealistic a Pikeur short-sleeve show shirt is top of my list. I could do with a long sleeve one too if anyone is feeling generous!”

    H&H’s eventing editor Pippa Roome: “Packing to go away for a pre-Christmas visit to my in-laws in Ireland, I realised I’ve lost my fingerless gloves somewhere along the way this year — which are an essential for cold reporting days. So I’m hoping for a new pair for Christmas.”

    H&H’s hunting editor Polly Portwin: “Can I ask for a snow and frost-free Christmas so everyone can get out hunting as much as possible during the holidays?”

    H&H’s feature writer Madeleine Pitt: “Waking up on Christmas morning to a holiday brochure for a riding safari in Africa would be the ideal scenario. Failing that (and getting back to reality) would be another pair of John Whitaker breeches, which I have only just discovered are the comfiest thing around. I can’t guarantee that I’ll take them off to eat my turkey…”

    H&H’s print sub editor Polly Bryan:”I’d love a new Alexander James hunting coat, but to be honest, just to have a day’s hunting would be enough.”

    H&H’s showing editor Aimi Clark: “I have everything crossed for a new horsebox, but as Santa is unlikely to fit that down the chimney I would love to unwrap a secure and dry storage container for my tack. It would make my current lorry far more practical in the rain!”

    H&H senior print sub editor Briony Reed: “It’s not terribly interestingly, but truthfully what I really want are some warm, wind- and waterproof breeches…”

    H&H junior digital sub editor Gemma Redrup: “A horse! Preferably a young, smart, Irish one. But failing that, either a pair of long competition boots or a good day’s hunting at home.”

    H&H print editorial manager Kylie O’Brien: “I would kill for a new hunting coat, a boxy cut wide enough to house a vest, shirt, waistcoat and jumper (or two), generous pockets for chocolate, binder twine and hoof pick, three buttons and heavy tear-proof wool. (Hint: the Ladies Clifton Frock Coat from Shires Equestrian just about fits the bill…)”

    Did you get the horsey presents you were after today? Let us know below…

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