Flying horses and 6 other brilliant April Fools’ Day pranks

  • Take a look at this selection of the equestrian community’s April Fool’s Day pranks for 2020 to put a smile on your face…

    1. Genetics advancement means winged horses ‘not impossible’, experts agree

    Our own (fake) news story claimed that technological advancements in gene-sequencing technology and semen collection could mean winged horses are not beyond the realms of possibility, experts agree. Pigs (or horses) might fly…

    2. Racing authorities to trial riderless horse races amid coronavirus crisis

    Loose Horse - The Duncan&Toplis Intermediate Class - The Belvoir Team Chase, Garthorpe, September 18th 2011.

    The Australian website punters.com.au announced that concerns around the coronavirus pandemic had prompted racing authorities to trial riderless horse races in a bid to minimise exposure among participants…

    3. A free racehorse with free training fees, anyone?

    4. Breeding striped horses

    Would you fancy a striped horse?

    5. Welcome to ‘Düber’

    Two Greek businessmen have come up with a way to make extra money while giving their donkeys a slightly easier job: Donkey Uber. Ashley Francese brought us the scoop on Düber…

    6. Racehorse trainer Mick Easterby reported that he bred what might be a unicorn (pictured)

    “One of the mares, I won’t give her name as I haven’t even told the owner yet but she only retired from racing last September, has given birth to an unusual foal,” said Mick. “The foal appears to have a small horn in the middle of her forehead. If all is to be believed, she may also have wings. I’d never heard of anything quite like it. So I asked Richard Lingwood, the Stud manager, to send me a picture straight away I could not believe what I saw.”

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    7. The feed to allegedly get your horse talking

    Baileys Horse Feeds came up with this corker. But the question is, would you really like your horse to gain the ability to talk…?

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