5 horse-themed face masks which are perfect for equestrians

  • On 24 July, wearing a face covering became mandatory in shops and supermarkets. Ensure you’re prepared with one of these horsey face masks to keep yourself and others protected.

    Which one will you be wearing?

    LeMieux Reusable Face Mask

    The LeMieux reusable covering can be purchased in either navy or black and will be available to buy on their website from 10 August. It has adjustable side straps and is contoured at the front for a close chin fitting.
    Price: £5.95

    WOW Face Masks

    The WOW range comprises two main types of barrier mask and is ideal if you want to make a fashion statement. The first is a leather or synthetic mask with interchangeable, washable and reusable bi-layered cotton, and the second is an integrated washable sports mask. All masks have an adjustable soft friction tie system which holds it in place.
    Price: prices from £10.50 to £34.95

    Funny Horse Face Mask

    The funny horse face masks from Etsy comes in three different sizes and comes with two filters. It boasts black ear loops with rubber stoppers and will certainly generate some laughs.
    Price: from £7.99

    Up Close and Personal Horse Nose Face Mask

    The up close and personal horse nose face mask from Matthew H Irvin photography is made from 100% polyester and includes two woven, elastic loops for a comfortable, one-size-fits-all fit.
    Price: £10.72

    Horse Patterned Face Mask

    This funky face mask  helps you stand out from the crowd whilst staying protected. The mask is reusable and can be washed at 60 degrees. You can also add a protective filter (not included).
    Price: £11.99

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