Whether you’re a happy hacker or out competing every weekend, these equestrian apps will help you organise your horsey life. Thank goodness for technology.

1. Track My Hack

Get the most out of your precious hacking time by using this app to record your route, time taken and even your average speed. You can check all your data against previous hacks, and share the information with family and friends. There’s also an area on the app where you can add details of your horse. A must-have for any leisure rider.
Cost: Free
Find it: www.woofwear.com

2. OS MapFinder

Discover Britain on horseback — the official mapping app from Ordnance Survey gives you high-res access to all the Ordnance Survey maps, enabling you to find your local bridleways and plan your routes before you set out. The integrated GPS tracker will help you keep track of your current location while you’re out and about, so hopefully you’ll never get lost. This is particularly useful for long distance and endurance riders — or even for fun rides.
Cost: The app is free but the maps cost £1.99 per 100km2.
Find it: play.google.com

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3. Horse Rider SOS

It’s every rider’s nightmare to fall off your horse and injure yourself while out on a hack, but this app gives peace of mind that rescue will soon be on its way. All you have to do is start the app button on your Android or iPhone before you set off. Nothing will happen so long as your hack proceeds smoothly, but should you fall off your horse, or become unconscious or unable to move, Horse Rider SOS will immediately enter ‘Alert Mode’ and notify your predetermined guardians that you’re in trouble and send your location so that help can be dispatched immediately.
Cost: £4.99
Find it: www.horseridersos.com

4. Stable Mate

Organise your horse’s life (and yours) with this handy app. Fill in all the useful information, such as their worming routine, farrier, vet and dentist visits, and any competitions you have planned, and this app will keep track of it for you and notify you about upcoming events. You can manage up to 10 horses in your virtual stable — and the app even sends you all the latest horsey news, from your tried and trusted source H&H, of course.
Cost: Free
Find it: play.google.com

5. HorseHub

Whatever your discipline, HorseHub can help with your training by giving you instant access to expert advice from top equestrians. Featuring training videos from the likes of Paul Tapner (the driving force behind the app), Brett Parberry or Boyd Martin, content is downloaded onto your phone or tablet so you can use it anywhere (after all, streaming a film in a field before a dressage test would be slightly impractical…). You’ll also find a load of material including equestrian books, films and events footage on here to keep you entertained.
Cost: Free
Find it: horsehub.info