7 apps no busy rider should ever be without

Technology in the form of mobile apps is becoming a major part of our lives. Whether you enjoy a relaxing hack at the weekends, or are busy out competing frequently, there are numerous equestrian apps available to help you organise your equestrian life. Here, in no particular order, are some of our current favourites…

OS MapFinder

Discover Britain on horseback — the official mapping app from Ordnance Survey gives you high-res access to all the Ordnance Survey maps, enabling you to find your local bridleways and plan your routes before you set out. The integrated GPS tracker will help you keep track of your current location while you’re out and about, so hopefully you’ll never get lost. This is particularly useful for long distance and endurance riders — as well as those who enjoy exploring for fun.
Cost: 69p — £1.99
Find it: play.google.com

Horse Rider SOS

It’s every rider’s nightmare to fall off your horse and injure yourself while out on a hack, but this app gives peace of mind that should the worst happen, rescue will soon be on its way. All you have to do is start the app button on your Android or iPhone before you set off on your ride. Nothing will happen so long as your hack proceeds smoothly, but should you fall off your horse, or become unconscious or unable to move, Horse Rider SOS will immediately enter ‘Alert Mode’ and notify your predetermined guardians that you’re in trouble and send your location so that help can be dispatched immediately.
Cost: £6.99
Find it: www.horseridersos.com


The HorseDialog app helps owners keep their horse’s health records in one place. Owners can input dates and times for all types of events into the diary as well as setting reminders to ensure training and competitions are not forgotten, as well as important health events like vaccinations, farriery, dentistry and worming. The app also allows you to keep a record details of prescribed treatments and set up reminders to reorder or give medication. The app’s GPS ‘track my ride’ functionality means you can record your horse’s exercise in order to track your horse’s fitness, as well as sharing your favourite rides. The app also allows you to share your horse’s information with other people who care of your horse, whether that is your yard manager, friends, family, or professionals such as your vet.
Cost: Free
Find it: www.horsedialog.co.uk


This app allows you to help monitor health, detect issues and prevent anxiety in your horse. The Trackener device analyses 24/7 your horse’s activity, location, movement, behaviour and heart rate. It can be placed within either an ergonomically designed horse bib, comfortable on the horse in the stable and in the field, and on a girth sleeve for when the horse is being exercised. It allows for unprecedented insights about your horse’s life via the app wherever you are and receive real time alerts in case of critical issues.
Cost: Contact Trackener for a demo and more information
Find it: www.trackener.com

Dressage TestPro

British Dressage (BD) launched this new app in autumn 2018, to help you learn your BD dressage tests. It features all tests from intro to advanced, and can function without a wi-fi or 4G connection. You can listen, follow or draw your way around your chosen test to help you memorise it.
Cost: You can sample this app through a free trial and then you can subscribe from 9p per test per month
Find it: itunes.apple.com

EquiRatings Stacks

Launched in June 2018, EquiRatings Stacks is an eventing game where fans have to predict outcomes in eventing competitions. This app, created with SAP Sports, is a strategy game, played in real time and influenced by the competition as it happens. The aim is to get the most correct answers in a row to build your “stack” as high as possible. Players can choose to answer every question, or play tactically and stick to just the questions they feel sure they can answer correctly. Questions are based on the live event as it takes place. The app is free to download and play, with a leaderboard showing how you compare to others, including your friends and top riders who are playing along at the same time.
Cost: Free
Find it: itunes.apple.com

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CrossCountry app

If you love eventing, you need this app. It has a range of features including the ability to record your cross-country course walk with GPS on you iPhone or iPad, add photos, videos, comments and striding, provides automatic minute markers, allows you to share courses or download virtual guided coursewalks and view courses on any smartphone, tablet or PC. The CrossCountry app works anywhere in the world and doesn’t require a mobile connection or internet.
Cost: $14.99
Find it: itunes.apple.com/app/crosscountry

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