Your questions answered: what you can and can’t do when eventing returns

  • We all want to ensure the return of horse sport is successful as the Covid-19 lockdown eases, so make sure you know the rules if you are riding – or acting as a permitted supporter or owner – at a British Eventing (BE) competition when fixtures re-start.

    The full guidance from BE is available here and we have rounded up the main points to remember at the event in this handy Q&A…

    How should I behave?

    • Follow social distancing guidelines at all times – stay 2m apart from everyone else
    • As always, remember volunteers and officials are giving up their time – almost certainly without being paid – to help you and enable you to enjoy a day’s sport, so be polite and follow instructions

    Who can I take with me? 

    • The sport is happening “behind closed doors” with no spectators, so minimal numbers of people are permitted on site
    • One rider and one supporter are allowed per horse
    • In addition, one owner is permitted per horse or two per horse if from the same household – membership cards to be shown. Owners will have a separate parking area, not in the lorry park

    Should I bring anything extra with me?

    •  Masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. Masks and gloves should be used in situations where social distancing is not possible, such as retrieving injured or loose horses. Sanitiser stations will be provided where appropriate, but members are encouraged to bring their own
    • Your bib number – competitors need to print their own or write it legibly on an A4 piece of paper. These will also be used for check in to the venue

    Can I bring my dog?

    • This rule changed from the initial guidelines released and yes, you can now bring your dog but he/she must be on a lead at all times. Organisers can also set additional venue-specific rules, so check before you enter if you plan to take a dog

    Will I be parked near other riders?

    • There are new rules about minimum distances for parking – a 10m space between lorries if tying up both sides, 5m if tying up one side and 3m if no tying up is allowed. Follow the instructions of event staff

    Will there be a secretary’s tent?

    • In short, no. All event specific info will be available online and start fees will be paid online too
    • There may be an optional event information point for competitors to summon assistance such as the vet or farrier
    • There will be no scoreboards or screens. All scores will be accessed online
    • Objections and scoring queries will be dealt with over the phone or by email, as will discipline issues – see the full BE info for more details

    What if I get placed or win?

    • There will be no formal prize givings
    • Prize money, rosettes and prizes in kind are not compulsory – check the event schedule for details and for how rosettes and prizes in kind will be distributed if they are given
    • Prize money given will be paid by BACS and competitors need to have emailed an online prize money claim form to the organiser

    What about tradestands and photos?

    • Refreshment and saddlery/equine tradestands are allowed, employing strict social distancing
    • Photos and videos can only be bought online. There will be no on-site sales

    What if I need to use the loos?

    • Attendees should adhere to all instructions
    • Hand washing or sanitiser facilities will be available both outside before entering the toilet and inside
    • Use your own lorry facilities if you have them

    What are the warm-up area rules?

    • Respect the personal space of all stewards
    • Competitor numbers in the warm-up will be restricted, with maximum numbers displayed on the entrance and controlled by stewards
    • No parents, grooms, trainers or other people are allowed in the warm-up
    • The exception is that riders may provide one groom or connection to alter practice showjumping fences, provided there are never more than six people in a gathering. Gloves are compulsory for this. Or the event may provide fence stewards
    • Adhere to social distancing guidelines while mounted, even if you are in the same bubble because stewards will not know this

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    Anything else I need to know?

    • Don’t touch the poles or fences while walking the showjumping course
    • Showjumping course plans will be posted online or on large on-site boards
    • Cross-country course plans will be posted online and/or on Cross-Country App
    • There will be a separate entrance and exit for the showjumping arena
    • Take your rubbish home with you

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