‘It’s all awe-inspiring’: top riders reveal their favourites in the British Eventing calendar

  • March to October is spent on the road touring the country for our top eventers, but find out which events they have a particular soft spot for

    The British Eventing calendar is packed with great events at every level, but which are the events that really stand out for top riders? Horse & Hound finds out…

    Aoife Clark

    Badminton. It’s all awe-inspiring, from riding through the arch and grazing the horses in front of the house, to jumping into The Lake, and everything I dreamt of as a kid. That feeling never goes away.”

    Ben Hobday

    Bramham. It’s so well organised, you get well looked after and the parties are great. Because I come from the north, it has always been a local event and the crowds scream and go wild for the riders, which is sensational.”

    Lissa Green

    Barbury. I grew up next door and will never forget when my father suggested running a horse trials there to Nigel Bunter, the owner of Barbury estate. Dad said it would make the best viewing course in the world and I don’t think he’s far wrong.”

    Camilla Speirs

    Tattersalls is phenomenal. Followed by Badminton in close second, and then Aachen.”

    Sam Watson

    Badminton is everything. I look forward to that event for 360 days of the year.”

    Emily Llewellyn

    Badminton or Burghley — they are the events I aspire to compete at and are everything I have been working towards.”

    Alex Hua Tian

    “In the UK, Barbury and Blenheim. However, my ultimate favourite is Haras du Pin in France. Other than the World Equestrian Games, when the weather was awful, every time we’ve been there it’s been amazing and the scenery is beautiful. There’s also a great social scene and it’s somewhere we’ve always had a fantastic time.”

    Holly Woodhead

    “I love Bramham but, internationally, it would have to be Aachen. I learnt so much by going there and you feel really special competing in that environment. It’s the Las Vegas of the equestrian world — the atmosphere is amazing and I received great advice from the other equestrians I met there.”

    Jonty Evans

    Badminton is special, but so are the smaller ones that do a lot for competitors and owners, like Bicton and Barbury.”

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    Ruth Edge

    Floors Castle horse trials in Scotland. I love going back to where I spent my Pony Club days and catching up with old friends.”

    Tom McEwen

    “I love the big four-star shows in the UK, but Barbury is pretty special as we live so close.”

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