11 beautiful breastplates you will want to buy

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  • Horse & Hound's buying guides feature the best kit on the market. This week we bring you 11 of the best breastplates

    HyCLASS Premium breastplate

    1.- HyCLASS - Premium Breastplate - 2

    A smart, stylish five-point breastplate made from quality leather. It also features soft sheepskin and a padded wither piece for added comfort plus elastic webbing for movement and a running martingale attachment, making this breastplate very versatile. There are also adjustable buckle straps to aid fit for your horse. Available in black and dark brown, one size.
    RRP: £120
    Visit: www.hy-equestrian.com or call 01522 529206

    Childéric UK breastplate

    2.Childéric Saddles Breastplate emailer corrrect  copy

    This breastplate is functionally styled, with attention to detail to the design to aid anatomical fit. Itis made from quality leather and helps prevent the saddle from naturally moving back. Finished with stainless steel buckles, buckle martingale attachment and elasticated inserts, this breastplate also comes with full fitting instructions including a handy saddle problem solving section too. Available in black, master or irish and sizes medium or bespoke.
    RRP: £170
    Visit: www.childericsaddles.co.uk

    Albion Saddlemakers breastplate

    3.ALBION Combination Breast Plate Brown

    The Albion, fully adjustable breastplate benefits from the combination of durable soft round edged elastic and hand crafted leather. As with all Albion accessories this breastplate has been ergonomically designed to be as slim-line and smooth as possible. It has been designed to minimise pressure and provide comfort, ensuring freedom of movement for the horse, eliminating the risk of any chaffing. The Albion breastplate is fully compatible with the Albion Revelation girth, the Albion Legend girth, Albion Long girth and the Albion slip on stud guard. Available in cob, full, warmblood and made to measure, in either black or brown.
    RRP: £136
    Visit: www.albionsaddlemakers.co.uk or call 01922 646210

    Sue Carson Saddles five-point breastplate

    4.SCS 5-point breast plate

    The five-point breastplate from Sue Carson Saddles is a high quality security system, fully adjustable and elasticated for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Available in either brown or black.
    RRP: £150
    Visit: www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk or call 01629 540343

    Mark Todd five-point breastplate

    5.Mark Todd 5-point Breastplate

    Manufactured in fine Sedgwick English leather with stainless steel fittings, this breastplate features an adjustable running martingale attachment, sheepskin shoulder protection and elastic inserts, while the five-point fixing maximises freedom of movement during athletic activity. The Mark Todd five-point breastplate comes in cob or full sizes, in black or brown.
    RRP: £134.50
    Visit: www.wefi.co.uk or call 01303 872277

    Kate Negus Saddlery five-point breastplate

    6.Five Point BP

    Made to a design registered to Kate Negus Saddlery, the five-point breastplate is suitable for supporting saddle stability. It’s made using English leather and elastic with plenty of adjustment for good fit. This breastplate also features padded leather guards over the shoulder areas and clips either side of the wither. Running and standing martingale attachments are available to purchase separately. It is available in black and chestnut in sizes full and cob.
    RRP: £250
    Visit: www.katenegus.com or call 0780 115 0571

    BR Taunton breastplate


    This is a leather breastplate with elastic in the neck strap and a leather martingale attachment. It has many adjustment possibilities and can easily be attached to the saddle with snap hooks, the martingale attachment is also easy detachable with a snap hook. This breastplate is made of full-grain, strong European leather which is supple and durable. Most parts have a soft leather facing and the breastplate is finished, with high-quality stainless steel buckles. The breastplate prevents the saddle from sliding backwards, especially by jumping, which can also be a problem with very round horses. Available in pony, cob or full in either tobacco or black and silver
    RRP: £70.95
    Visit: www.br.nl

    Pessoa five-point breastplate


    The Pessoa five-point breastplate features strong elasticated inserts which allow freedom and movement in the shoulder area and high and low saddle attachments with a detachable running martingale for ease when swapping between disciplines. Availble in either cob or full sizes and colours black or havana.
    RRP: £59
    Visit: www.fieldhouse.co.uk

    Equipe event breastplate

    9.Breast plate BP 12

    Crafted in Italian leather, the Equipe event breastplate is made from extremely durable elastic with soft sheep-skin pads. It comes complete with a running martingale attachment, five-point fastening to the saddle and is finished with stainless steel buckles.
    The breastplate has a self-centering system ensuring it doesn’t slip and keeps the saddle securely in place. Available in black, brown, newmarket and red-brown and sizes cob, pony or full with the choice of stainless steel or brass fittings.
    RRP: £250
    Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

    Equetech Vision breastplate

    10.Equetech Vision Deluxe BOTH

    Visibility out hacking is important all year round, even during the summer months, where visibility can be compromised by shaded areas and bright sunlight. The Equetech Vision breastplate is a bold V-shaped breastplate with 50mm reflective vertical stripes, which helps draw attention to you and your horse and also features a neck strap with adjustable buckle clip, adjustable Equetech branded reflective girth strap, Equetech reflective badge and reinforced binding to the hem.
    Available in fluorescent yellow or fluorescent pink and sizes pony/cob or pony/full.
    RRP: £20.95
    Visit: www.equetech.com or call 01296 688 966

    Stephen’s fully adjustable Hunt breastplate

    11.Hunt Breastplate with attachement

    This breastplate is created using quality leather and brass fittings. It is fully adjustable, and comes with a running martingale attachment and is particularly suitable for big moving horses. Available full size only (5/8″ inch).
    RRP: £109.73 (excluding VAT)
    Visit: www.worldwidetack.com or call 01825 840002

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