Would you jump these? Walk the 2017 Badminton cross-country course

As cross-country day at this year’s Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials fast approaches, we take a look at what lies ahead for riders on Saturday 6 May.

Newly designed by Eric Winter in his first year in the role, will the cross-country course prove influential in 2017?

Fence 1: ASX Starter

Fence 2: Rolex Rolltop

Fence 3: Keepers Question

Fence 4: Mike Weavers Haywain

Fence 5a, b, c and d: Savills Staircase

View from 5a

5d fast route on the right, slow route on the left

View from landing side of 5c back up to 5a, b and c

Fence 6: Countryside Birch — fast route is to jump the left-hand side as a corner

Fence 7: L200s

Fence 8a, b and c: The Lake

8b and c — two routes out of The Lake

Alternative 8a

Alternative 8b

Alternative 8c

Fence 9: Offset Oxer

Fence 10a, b and c: Shogun Hollow

10a long route

Alternative 10b

Alternative 10c

Fences 11 and 12: KBIS Bridge

Alternative fence 11 is to jump the ditch to the right on its own

Alternative fence 12

Fence 13a and b: Outlander Bank

Alternative to 13b

Fence 14: Rolex Grand Slam Trakehner

Fence 15a, b and c: Hildon Water Pond

Alternative fence 15b is the log on the far right

Alternative 15c

Fence 16: Sheep Feeder

Fence 17a and b: Mirage Pond

17b is the angled hedge on the right-hand side

Fence 18: Devoucoux Oxer

Fence 19a and b: PHEV Corral

Riders have three options on part B — the fastest is to jump either of the rails flagged on an accute angle on either side of the two people in the picture, or to go around the corral and jump the rail to the far left coming back towards the bank

Slow route fence 19b

Fence 20: Event Mobility Dining Table

Fence 21a, b and c: Joules Corners

Long route b

Long route c

Fence 22: Wadworth Lakeside — riders jump the bullfinch in the centre of the fence

Fence 23a and b: Irish Horse Gateway Huntsmans Close

Long route 23a

Long route 23b

Fence 24ab: World Horse Welfare Gates

Fence 25a and b and 26: HorseQuest Quarry

Long route 25b

Long route 26

Fences 27 and 28: FEI Classics Hedges

Fence 29: Rolex Trunk (fencing will be removed)

Carving on the back of fence 29

Fence 30: Mitsubishi Final Mount

Don’t miss the second part of H&H’s Badminton preview, including a full form guide and a scorecard to fill in for every rider, on sale tomorrow (Thursday 4 May).

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