8 clever and meaningful ways to remember a lost equine partner

  • One of the most heart-wrenching aspects of losing a beloved horse or pony is having all their kit left behind, not to mention an engraved nameplate on the door of an empty stable. It can be tough to tackle the inevitable equipment left behind that will forever remind you of them, but there are many ways in which you can use tack, rugs and other kit to create meaningful momentos and tributes to your much-loved partner.

    1. Saddles, stirrups, bridles and bits that hold sentimental value can all be transformed into beautiful — and useful — handbags, or even belts, by companies such as PIPPA (pictured above).

    2. If you are able to save some strands from your horse’s mane or tail, these can be integrated into jewellery, from bracelets to rings and pendants, so you can carry your horse with you wherever you go.

    3. If the sight of your horse’s headcollar hanging up in the yard gives you a lump in your throat every time you pass, but you can’t bear to part with it, why not give it a purpose. We love the idea of using it to hold a hanging basket of flowers, so your horse can continue to brighten your yard.

    4. Buy a box frame to display photos and rosettes in your house — you could always include your horse’s stable name plaque, or a piece of tack such as his bit or browband.

    5. Save a section of his numnah or thin rug and create a cushion cover, or even a blanket or throw, out of the material.

    6. Old horseshoes can be used in numerous decorative ways, and can also make themselves useful. Hammer in a couple of nails to make a key or jewellery holder, or if you have several lying about, have them made into a unique wine rack.

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    7. Why not do something meaningful in your horse’s memory, and donate his tack, rugs or other equipment in good condition to an equine charity, such as World Horse Welfare, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, The Horse Trust or Bransby Horses.

    8. If you simply can’t bear to part with a particularly sentimental item, don’t bury it away and leave it to gather dust. Allocate it a special hook, or spot in your tack room, yard or home, so that every time you see it you will be reminded of the wonderful memories you shared with your horse.

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