7 things we let our horses get away with (but would never let our children do the same)

  • Parents always claim that they don’t have a favourite child, but preferring your horse over everyone is a different matter.

    Here are a few things we’d let our horses off the hook for, but would probably use as an opportunity to teach our children a life lesson or two…

    1. Pushing past you 

    You will pretend you didn’t notice if your horse tries to leave the stable first on a morning. He’s just excited for a new day. You totally do have control over him and if you wanted him to let you go first you totally could. However, this level of rudeness would not be tolerated back at home. 

    2. Pulling a face when eating

    The equivalent of being told to do one and leave him in peace. It’s safe to say if your child did the same they’d be going to the ‘naughty step’.

    3. Ruining their wardrobe 

    There is little that can be done if your horse is a rug wrecker, apart from suck it up and buy him a completely new rug each time he takes the current one for a few rounds of the stable or field. If your child boasted the same lack of respect for material things, you’d be having words. 

    4. Leaving food 

    At home you’ve not got time for fussy eaters, but if your horse doesn’t like what’s in his bucket then no problem — you’ll happily draft in another nutritionist, swap feed brands, buy a whole new menu and change up your life schedule to feed him at different times of the day. 

    5. Being bossy 

    In life you have to let others have their say and you’re not afraid to instill this in your own progeny. But if your horse is the boss of the group and grumbles at other horses over the stable door that’s completely different. Plus, that horse gave him a funny look so he doesn’t like him now. 

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    6. Not cooperating in school 

    Your horse didn’t mean to be a bit of a monkey when you were riding him the other day. But if your child comes home with a bad report or grade it’s time for a sit down at the kitchen table. 

    7. Refusing to do everyday tasks

    For your human child these include washing the dishes, making their bed or helping bring the shopping in from the car, and for your horse child these include washing his feet when he comes in from the field, standing for the farrier and moving around you when you muck out his box. I wonder how successful you at ensuring all these mundane tasks actually get done?

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