7 things no father of horsey children wants to hear

  • To celebrate Father’s Day today, we take a light-hearted look at what our long-suffering dads have to put up with

    Today is Fathers’ Day — the day we traditionally thank our dads for everything they’ve done and still do to support us, whether it’s changing our nappies, driving us to shows, paying for our ponies or scraping up the pieces when we fall off.

    In honour of all the long-suffering fathers out there, we’ve pulled together this tongue-in-cheek list of all the things no dad wants to hear from their equestrian wannabe son or daughter…

    1. Dad, I think I’ve outgrown Twiglet. I can join my feet under her tummy when I’m riding her.

    2. Dad, I don’t have to come to Great Auntie June’s 90th birthday party, do I? It’s the Sunday at the start of Pony Club camp. I just can’t miss it. If I’m not there I’ll be left behind all week and I’ll get the worst stable and spot for my bed and I won’t have any friends and my life won’t be worth living ever again.

    3. Dad, I need a new pair of reins. When I fell off today Silver stamped on them and broke them.

    4. Dad, Mum said to call you and say we’re waiting at A&E. Millie fell off Puzzle and she says her arm really, really hurts. What? No, I can’t see the bone, but she keeps screaming. The queue? They say it’ll be at least four hours…

    5. Dad, the Pony Club needs some strong people to help move jumps next Saturday.

    Continued below…

    6. Dad, Amelia’s started lessons with this great new trainer and she’s riding so much better now — she won all the rosettes at the show today. Where’s the trainer based? She lives about two hours drive away.

    7. Dad, the Pony Club co-ordinator says I absolutely have to compete at this event if I’m going to have any chance of making the team. Can I say I will? The date? Um, it’s the weekend in the middle of our two-week summer holiday, but you don’t mind coming home early so I can go, do you?

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