5 types of horsey people you will find on social media

  • Social media is at the centre of our lives, and it’s no secret that the equestrian community has a strong online presence. We love to post, read and chat about our four-legged buddies with our like-minded, two-legged friends.

    As with selfies, we can filter our horse world so it appears shiny and flawless, only posting the red rosette moments. While other times we enjoy sharing our problems with others who have also experienced the trials and tribulations of horse ownership.

    But which type of horsey social media user are you?

    1. The one who posts ALL the time

    Since she bought her new horse last summer, Jackie has taken it upon herself to keep her 800-strong friend list updated on his progress. And not just monthly progress, but daily, sometimes hourly progress. We feel like we know more about this horse’s training regime, vet schedule and specific likes and dislikes better than we know our own. No achievement is too small to warrant a heartfelt, emoji-filled post about how amazing he is and how he’s changed her life. These days, if we don’t see a check in every 24 hours we being to worry if something has perhaps happened to this owner, and if she happens to make it to a competition, prepare for a clogged news feed of picture galleries…

    2. The ranter

    A post from this horsey hot-head usually begins with something like: “I’m not being funny, but…’’ or “I’m not usually one to say, but…”. In their opinion they use social media to make the equestrian world a better place and they use a Facebook status or 280 character Tweet limit to voice their thoughts on serious issues, which people need to know about. Whether it’s about the terrible judging at a recent show (where funnily enough she was last), the price of haylage or the benefits of barefoot shoeing, this owner knows their mind and isn’t afraid to express their views. But be warned, if you engage in a debate in the comments section, be prepared to get well and truly trampled through the mud…

    3. The one who’s always putting their horse up for sale

    The first time she created the ad, the post was littered with sympathetic and concerned comments. “Why are you selling him, hun?” to which she would reply “I’ll PM you.” Fifteen sales posts later and no one seems to be buying it any more (in both senses of the word). Even though she swears that she “means it this time”, perspective buyers have stopped enquiring and some have even asked why he hasn’t sold yet. There’s indecisive and then there’s this owner. She likes a cryptic status including phrases such as “why are decisions with horses so hard to make” and often changes her status to “feeling heartbroken.” With Facebook’s new buying and selling regulations, it is now harder for her to craft out a carefully written advert, so now she just posts an image with a £ sign. We know the score.

    4. The one who always asks for advice

    Need veterinary advice? Call a vet. Need training advice? Get a trainer, right? But this tech-savvy owner has decided to utilise the world of social media at her fingertips by turning to groups of ‘experienced’ equestrians for advice (for free). From bitting to feeding to lameness diagnosis, there is nothing this optimistic individual can’t solve through Facebook. Her 8pm posts can have garnered over 200 comments by the next morning and she feels slightly smug that she has facilitated such a hot debate over the topic of schooling whip lengths.

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    5. The one we’re just a little bit jealous of

    This person could have definitely made it as a lifestyle Instagram-er in a former life. If we’re feeling a bit glum after a bad day at the yard, this horsey hero’s post about their recent victory at a competition or new indoor school is certainly set to cheer us up… We love stalking this rider’s candid pictures where their horse is gleaming in matchy-matchy attire. Whether they’ve done a victory lap at HOYS or are just heading out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon hack, they always, always look 11/10 flawless. Sometimes you try and emulate their snaps with your own horse but just have to accept that you’ve not got the nack, or the looks, or the yard for the job. While you’re admittedly a little bit jealous of this perfect and popular equestrian, you’re always there to like their pictures and comment with a supportive love-heart face.

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